An Overview of Japanese Film Industry

In Japan, both cinema attendance and the number of Japanese movies being produced are increasing with the expansion of cinema complexes.

There were 3,062 movie screens in 2006, and annual box-office sales were about 200 billion yen. It is a large market compared to the rest of the world. 404 foreign movies and 417 Japanese movies were released throughout the year. Many films are produced everyday by film departments from TV stations or small and medium-sized movie production companies in Tokyo.

A number of joint production projects with foreign countries have been established, and in recent years their work is being screened in Japan. It is common for Japanese actors to collaborate with actors from other Asian countries in making international films.

Many film production companies and producers are based in Tokyo. Additionally, there are many actors, shooting studios, editing companies, etc. available, so it is easy to obtain technical cooperation for your film.

The number of films released in Japan

Year Foreign films Japanese films
2008 388 418
2007 403 407
2006 404 417


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