Filming on Roads

When shooting  films and videos on roads, a road use permit issued by the police chief is necessary. Also sometimes a road occupation permit issued by the road administrator is required when you place something on, or take something away from roads for continuous periods of time.
Road use permits are not the same as permits to close down streets. As closing down streets have a sighnificant impact on traffic, it is not easy to get permits for road closures.
Even though Kabuki-Cho in Shinjuku and the intersection in front of Shibuya station are popular locations among oversea film crews, it is hard to obtain road use permits to shoot in downtown areas like those for security reasons. Contact the police or the Tokyo Location Box well in advance of the desired shoot date.
In practice small on-street location shooting (three people or less without a tripod and lights) may not need to obtain road use permits and road occupation permits. 

Applying for Road Use Permits

  1. Pinpoint the Location on a Map

    First of all, you need to pinpoint the location where the shooting will take place.
    Then, find out which local police department has jurisdiction over the area.
    Since there are some areas are restricted to use for location shooting by the police, make an inquiry at the local police department or TLB before starting preparations.
  2. Prepare Necessary Documents for Road Use Permits

    ★ Road use permit application form
    ★ Accompanying documents
    ・Layout diagram of location or zone where the shooting is to take place
    ・Materials that explain in detail the methodand configuration of how the shooting is to be conducted (plans, diagrams, etc.)
    ・Information on the situation of the road and any other roads in the vicinity where the shooting is to take place
    ※The required items and contents for accompanying documents differs depending on the traffic situation and other road usage conditions, please consult with the police department that has jurisdiction over the shooting area.
  3. Submission

    Submit necessary documents to the traffic division of the local police department that has jurisdiction over the shooting area with commission fee. It costs about ¥3,000 per one application.
  4. Go and Pick up the Permit

    Road use permits will be issued within 3 to 5 days after the submission.
    The permits must be carried and be presented on demand on the day of shooting.
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