Accessibility Policy

The 1st General policy

This site is to aim at being based on the grade "AA" of the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS X 8341-3 "Design guideline in consideration of elderly people and disabled persons in the information and communications equipment, software and services Part 3 : Web contents".

1. Scope

This policy aims at the range of the subordinate of this site.

2. Exceptions

Following contents are out of scope due to difficulty of correction.

  1. Contents without data to correct(unable to correct)
  2. A part of the past produced images and movies
  3. Service provided from outside and its accompanied contents
  4. PDF data

As for the attached files such as PDF, etc., we examine a plan after translation of W3C Working Group Note "PDF Techniques for WCAG 2.0" is formally released in the Info-communication Access Council Web Accessibility Infrastructure Committee Implementation Working Group.

3. Term, target date, and the grade

To be based on the grade "AA" no later than 28th of December 2015.

4. Additional achievement standards

Among the achievement standard of the grade "AAA", we include the following standards in the target and will try to achieve them as much as we can. Achievement standard without exception about keyboard operation (AAA) Achievement standard about no time limit (AAA) Achievement standard about 3 times blinking light (AAA)

The 2nd Test result of Web accessibility

The test result based on JIS X 8341-3:2010 of this site is as follows. As for the tested pages in this site, they are based on the achievement grade "AA".
The notation of "Based on JIS X 8341-3:2010" in this site is conformed to the notation defined by Info-communications Access Council Web Accessibility Infrastructure Committee "JIS X 8341-3-2010 of the Web contents correspondence degree notation guideline 1st edition - August20, 2010".

1. Achievement grade

Grade "AA"

2. Tested pages

Tokyo Location Box manages a test based on the JIS X 8341-3:2010 test implementation guideline. We choose 40pages from using a random method and the method which is not random.

3. Exceptions


4. Web contents technology depended

XHTML 1.0, CSS 2.0, JavaScript 1.5

5. Attainment criterion checklist

Explanatory notes

○: The attainment criterion is applied to tested pages
- :The attainment criterion is not applied to tested pages

○: Tested pages meet the attainment criterion
- : Tested pages do not meet the attainment criterion

Attainment criterion check list
subdividion article grade attainment criterion application conformity remarks A non-text contents A media containing only the sound inclusion attained and the image inclusion attained - no sound and no image contents A caption of the voice contents inclusion attained - no sound and no image contents A alternative contents or the voice guide of image contents inclusion attained - no sound and no image contents AA caption of the voice contents of the live - no sound and no image contents AA voice guide of the image contents inclusion attained - no sound and no image contents A information and relationship A meaningful order A sensuous feature A use of a color A voice control - no sound and no image contents AA minimum contrast AA resizing of a text AA character by which imaging was carried out A keyboard operation A focus movement A adjustable time limit A temporarily stop, stop, and undisplay A light which is not blinked 3 times or below a threshold value - no blinking contents A block・skip A page title A focal order A purpose of the link in the context AA two or more attainment means AA title and label AA focus which can be recognized visually A language used in a page AA language used partially A change of the situation by an on-focus A Change of the situation by a user interface element AA consistent navigation AA consistent distinctiveness A pinpointing of an input error part A label or an explanatory note AA presentation of the input error editing method AA legal liability, monetary dealings, data change, and error evasion of reply transmission - no legal liability, monetary-dealings and data change / reply transmitting contents A Syntax analysis A identifier which can be interpreted by a program, a role and the value which can be set up  

6. Tested period

From 26 Nov 2015 to 11 Dec 2015

7. Achievement standard list which is meeting the upper grade than the declared one : Achievement standard without exception about keyboard operation (AAA) : Achievement standard about 3 times blinking light (AAA) : Achievement standard about present position (AAA)

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