Privacy Policy

We collect information from its users to the extent necessary for smooth operations of its services (e.g. information provision and enquiry reception on the website). We will work on making a worry-free website as well as deal with information collection, use and management in accordance with the "Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Personal Information Protection (Ordinance No. 113, December 21, 1990)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Ordinance") as follows.

1 Personal information

Personal information refers to the information by which you can be identified, including your address, name, telephone number and E-mail address that you provided to the TLB on this website).

2 Scope of this policy

This policy is only applicable to this website, not to other websites linked from this website. At the linked websites, each relevant organization takes responsibility for the handling of information.

3 Collection of personal information

The collection of personal information by the TLB on this website is, in principle, to be based on each user's provision(registration) of their information on their own will.
When collecting private information, we will explicitly state its purpose. Collection of personal information is to be carried out to the extent necessary for achieving specified purposes.

4 Regulations on personal information

We will use personal information that you provide to (or register with) us within the scope of the purposes of information collection explicitly stated in advance. We will never use personal information within the given the TLB and provide said information outside the TLB beyond the purposes of private information collection except as specified in the Ordinance. We may disclose information such as statistically processed user attributes only if it does not contain any personal information.

5 Management of personal information

The webmaster will place strict controls on collected personal information and take appropriate measures to prevent leakage, misappropriation and falsification of said information.
In addition, the TLB may outsource the operations of the website to third parties that will also take appropriate measures in the same manner.

6 User information that does not contain personally identifiable information

We automatically collect information such as your Internet domain name, IP address, browser settings (hereinafter referred to as the "user information").
We will collect and use user information only to the extent that such information is used for the improvement of the usability of this website. We may, however, disclose information such as statistically processed information on website access and browser settings.

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