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The 2nd Technologies used on this website

  1. Cookie
    We use cookies for the purposes such as user convenience and information collection to improve the website continuously.

    Cookies are information that are sent to users' browsers from the server for the operations of this website and are stored in users' computers. The stored information, however, do not contain any personally identifiable information (e.g. user name, address and telephone number).

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    Users can reject cookies by changing the settings of their browsers by themselves. Even in this case, cookies do not cause any great trouble viewing this website, either.

    For information on how to change the setting of browser, please consult its help function or manufacturer.
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    We use JavaScript in parts of the contents for more user convenience. Please note that there may be the case where the website is not properly displayed or operable unless JavaScript of the browser that you use is enabled (activated).
  3. SSL
    The website uses SSL encryption in certain services to enhance its security level. Your browser needs to have 128-bit SSL encryption to use relevant services.

    Using properly secured browsers allow users to encrypt and send/receive automatically their personal information (names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) typed by users.

    There is no concern for theft of details, should a third party intercept transmitted data. Also, please note that there may be cases where you cannot use the given pages due to the setting (e.g. firewall).
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  5. Google Maps
    As for the terms of use, please refer to Google Maps website

The 3rd Security of information system

We will continue our project based on users' trust and protect information assets from threats for the purpose of fulfilling our social mission as an administrative body.

  1. In order to keep safety and accuracy of information assets, we will take appropriate safety measures while making efforts to prevent unauthorized access and personal-information destruction, falsification, loss and leakage.
  2. As for the handling of information assets, we will comply with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Basic Information Security Policy and laws and other regulations.
  3. In cases where the processing of information assets is outsourced to third parties, it will be operated under the proper management by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
  4. We aim to maintain and enhance information security by creating a system for continuous enhancement.

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