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Preparation for Filming in Tokyo

All most every place in Tokyo, you need to obtain shooting permission or permits to film. Application form must be written in Japanese language and signed by responsible person or his/her representative. Since we are not able to apply for shooting permits on behalf of you, we recommend to hiring a local location (production) company or a freelance location coordinator who go through all the necessary application procedures on behalf of you.

About Our Support Service


Our support service is open to feature film and TV drama.


When you apply for our support services, you will be expected to meet the all conditions as follows:

  • To observe the Japanese laws and regulations.
  • To adhere to the terms and conditions agreed with each location used.
  • The content is not offensive to public order and morality.
  • Not to be intended for specific religious or political activity.
  • Be considerate of local residents. Inform them when filming will take place, address anticipate problems before they occur and respond quickly and effectively when they do

Important notes related to filming in Tokyo

A positive relationship between the filmmaker and the community is the key of successful filming. As a professional, please note the following:

  • Safety
    Make sure to take the necessary measures to secure the safety. Provide safe pedestrian passage through and around the set during the shoot. Pedestrians must be allowed to walk through when cameras are not rolling.
  • Consideration
    In addition to getting necessary permissions from relevant authorities, give enough consideration to local residents when you have a large scale filming, or the filming involves the use of special effects or loud noise.
  • Communication
    Have a sufficient discussion with relevant third parties when adverse impacts are anticipated by filming activity. Inform local residents in the affected area when filming takes place and what is expected, especially when the scenes are shot that involve loud explosions and noise, artificial firearms, fire, smoke, and other special effect.
  • Schedule Change
    Once shooting dates have been set between you and the location owner, it is preferable not to change them  unless there are considerable reasons. If you have to change shooting date and/or time, let the location owner know promptly, especially when you change on the day of shooting. Also, be sure to inform everyone concerned.
  • Cleanup
    Clean up after shooting. Make sure that nothing is left behind, including equipment, litter, signs and tapes that your production posted. Do final walk-through with the location owner to check the site is back in its pre-filming condition.
  • Compensation of Damages

    If filmmaker causes damage to the site, compensate for the damage at its own expense and responsibility. We recommend filmmakers to take out relevant insurance needed incase of an accident.

Request from the Tokyo Location Box

To promote understanding of film-making to the citizens, we have some requests to you.
These cooperation will help us to achieve our purpose.

  • To allow Tokyo Location Box taking photographs on the site of filming and use them for our publicity. 
  • To provide a copy of the work to us.
  • To provide goods of the work to us. For example, posters, scripts, autographs and photographs of the cast, etc.
  • To consider holding joint promotion events, such as advance screening, talk show, etc.
  • To cooperate us when we publish location map or conducting a location tour of the work as a tourism promotion.
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